[Shepherding the sheep with One heart] The betrayer of grace

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  • 2023.01.02 15:30
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  Apostle Paul warned that people will betray each other in the last days. Treachery means turning away from someone’s trust and faithfulness. Betrayal and rejection have a similar meanings.

Long ago, Satan was an angel whose role was singing hymns to God. However, the angel who was created to praise God became arrogant and tried to be exalted like God resulting in them being corrupted. The angel had to praise God because it was created to praise God in the most beautiful look, wearing the most beautiful garment in the world. But it was corrupted in a moment and had a mind to betray God in order to sit on the throne of God.

The word Satan has the meaning of betrayer, traitor, and challenger. Betrayals always happen wherever Satan works. To be treacherous in the last days means that Satan will wildly make people forsake the grace of God and turn away from God in the last days.

Those who are ungrateful for the grace of God betray God and fall into temptation. Being ungrateful, people forsake the grace of God. By this, people even blame and slander the grace that was given by God, instead of being grateful. Betraying God’s grace is brutally throwing away the God’s grace that we shall enjoy everlastingly. It is really stupid.

On the contrary, where there is God’s grace, gratefulness overflows always. God gave us all things of the world and allowed us live by using them as much as we like. God sent Jesus, His one and only Son, to wash away our sins by the blood of Jesus on the Cross when we sinned and God gave us the kingdom of God so that we can live eternal life for the time soul. Therefore, we must give thanks and sing praises to God for we received such grace from God.


Pastor Seok-Jeon Yoon           

Extracted from Yonsei Newspaper #772