[Shepherding the sheep with One heart] Overcome impatience!

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  • 2023.11.18 11:07
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  Those who are impatient roam around churches, making up excuses just like some impatient people change their workplaces frequently. In the end, those people just attend services in a church that has large members to conceal themselves in a crowd so nobody gets in contact with them or cares for them.

  The fundamental purpose we go to church is to listen to the word of God, receive grace, and live a faith life successfully. Therefore, we need to settle down in a church until our faith grows up enough. Why are they moving churches impatiently? During our faith lives, we should think carefully about one thing and ask ourselves, ‘How will be my soul at the last moment of my life?’. If you get impatient and make decisions too quickly, your soul will fail in the end.

  Let us suppose that an impatient person planted corn. The person would peel the skin of corn to check if it was ripened well even before the right timing. For the farmer, it might be not a big deal, just a check. However, since then, once an ear of corn gets damaged by this, a gap is made between peel and corn, winds get in the gap, and bugs get in the gap, causing the corn not to grow normally. The purpose of farming is the best harvest, not gathering unripe ones.

  But, as the last day comes near, we encounter more and more circumstances and situations that make us get impatient. By not knowing the future, we become impatient unavoidably. When we get persecuted, suffer pain, and get in trouble at the end of the world, not being able to see and hear what really happens, we can easily be deceived by the Devil.

  Nevertheless, if we perfectly understand the working of God's will and follow His will, earnestly waiting for the second coming of the Lord, we will never be impatient in any troubles. After heavy rain, the grounds get strong. After experiencing strong winds, treens root more deeply to save themselves. Likewise, we may go through troubles while living according to God’s word. However, the trouble will make your faith stronger.



Pastor Seok-Jeon Yoon               

Extracted from Yonsei Newspaper #824