[Bethlehem, Israel Conference] Three Days of Bethlehem Conference: 5,000 Expected to Attend

  • 2013.11.21 14:48

Prayers are needed for the success of the mission trip

(Photo: Scene at the Bethlehem Conference)


From 8-10 November, the Bethlehem Conference will be held with the preacher Pastor Yoon. It is expected that five thousand people will attend to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Conference has been held for last two years and this will be the third time. As the conference is very graceful and the great power of healing the sick is displayed, reservations are increasing every year. But unfortunately the number of reservations is limited due to the lack of seating capacity.

Ahead of the
conference, there have been advertisements in the Alquds which is the largest Arab newspaper in Israel, mentioning about Pastor Yoon’s preaching. It is known that the newspaper advertizes about the conference because of the testimony of the people who received grace and were healed at the last conferences.

Holding a conference for the Arabs in Bethlehem is meaningful for two reasons. One is to tell about the gospel of Jesus Christ to the Arabs who have never heard about it before.

As the
conference goes on, there will be the huge grace poured out by God. But, at the same time, there will be the work of the devil trying to disturb the conference.

/ Reported by Jae-Hyeong Jung

Extracted from #360 Yonsei Newspaper (2013-Nov-02)

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