[Photograph QT] Dandelions

  • 2016.05.03 14:16


The seed, blown by the wind has fallen upon concrete. By nature, it puts down roots and its yellow flowers are in bloom. Dandelions are called “grass roots” because they are like people who keep standing up while being trampled again and again. I marveled at its adaptation and autogenic power. It’s been 30 years since our church was founded. It was by the Lord’s grace that we have been used for the time of soul and have been remained the same here this whole time. I hope the church and all members preach the gospel to their neighbors, who don’t know Jesus as their Savior and perish, and win souls using it as a foothold.


Written│photo by Sun-Hwa Jang
Extracted from Yonsei Newspaper #473 (Mar 26, 2016)