[Photograph QT] Cornelian Cherry Flowers

  • 2016.05.10 14:59


Yellow cornelian cherry blossoms blooming over a stone wall of Changdeok-gung is delivering news about spring. My daughter, who is at high school, walked back home  at night and got it off her chest, saying “I couldn’t pray since I studied late at night. How can I manage my time?” God let me hear her trouble and asked me again “How can you manage your time? All members of 40 days and 10 days prayer meeting, for which I excitedly waited, have begun. I hope we become good Christians and we are used by God by praying when we can’t pray and by obeying God when we can’t obey Him.


Written by Ju-Hyun Bang ⅠPhoto by Yong-Bin Kim
Extracted from Yonsei Newspaper #474 (Apr 2, 2016)