[Photo QT] Wild Flowers

  • 2016.06.28 09:23


We are wild flowers, so do called “field flowers”. We are not really outstanding. Among us there are some which have gaudy colors with weird names. Yet those names and colors make me feel pity because they look like they are desperately begging for attention.In this time of the season, flowers such as False-starwort, Dogtooth violet, Windflower, Rosy cow-wheat, Hepatica, Adonis, Horsetail grass, Korean early lilac, Thistle, Akebia, Clematis, Amur Honeysuckle and Fairy-bells blossom. Like us, those kind of flowers, blossom in abandoned places, our existences are fading away from people’s eyes and minds. Even I, myself, am forgetting my own name! Please somebody call my name!



Written by Seong-nam Jeong, Photograph by Young-bin, Kim
Extracted from the church newspaper #478 (Apr 30, 2016)