[Photograph QT] At Jeam-ri

  • 2017.10.07 15:59

It was midsummer, but the wind was cool, thanks to the rain that had fallen every day.
After the rain stopped, I went toward Jeam-ri 3.1 movement martyrdom’s monuments site. Twenty-three villagers were cruelly murdered by Japanese troops in the church. They did not have a reason to die, but did so because they loved our country so much. As we look around the martyrdom’s monuments, I am reminded of the disciples who died as martyrs in preaching the gospel of Jesus. I quietly prayed in my heart, “I want to love the Lord as intensely as the midsummer sun. I want you to love me and not to go to hell. The blood of the Lord who shed His blood on the cross for me not to go to hell will not be erased from my heart forever. Like the disciples, I want to love my Savior Jesus more."



Photographed/ written by Joo-hyun, Bang
Extracted from the church newspaper #537 (July 29, 2017)