[Shepherding the Sheep with One Heart] Be whole.

  • 2016.05.10 14:56

 “Perfect” means that it’s entirely flawless like God. “Whole” means that it is made well as it’s designed. Think about a glass.  A glass is whole because it’s made properly to be used for drinking water. However, if you drop it and it will be broken, then it’s not whole. God created human beings whole in the beginning. God granted the humans two characteristics, to reject and to accept. We can choose freely whether we believe in Jesus or not while living in this world. 

But when your life ends, you yourself can’t choose between heaven and hell. While you are living on the earth, you will enjoy all those rights. After you die, you have lost the rights to choose.


God created humans whole but the humans lost their wholeness like Adam by opposing and disobeying the word of God while accepting unrighteous and wrong ideas. Nevertheless, many people don’t know that they lost being whole because they broke down and went wrong. Also, they say that God has changed not seeing their unrighteousness. They grumble that in the old days, God took Enoch and Elijah up to heaven alive and divided the red sea and Jordan River. But why doesn’t he perform the miracles and wonders for me? You should think first about your faith.


Do you have a great faith like the ancestors of faith? Did you obey the word of God absolutely? Are you living a life worthy of being used by God? If the whole that God wants you to be is fulfilled in you, God will use you to do the work of Jesus Christ that wins souls as if the Holy Spirit came upon the disciples praying in the upper room and performed miracles, wonders and signs by using them with power and saving many people. 

Seok-Jeon Yoon
Extracted from Yonsei Newspaper #474 (Apr 2, 2016)