[Shepherding the sheep with One heart] Be Sensitive to the Word of Go

  • 2016.09.28 10:50

Don’t fall into the culture of this world, but rule over it!  You should not fall into the desires of this world!

I preach in this way, earnestly, with Jesus’ mind, urging the saints to turn from their wicked ways and to return to the Lord.  However, in spite of the servant of the Lord’s earnest preaching, some do not put it into practice.  If the saints lack the strength to move in accordance with the preaching, this shows that they already belong to this world.   

Even though I preach, shout at them and visit them, urging them to flee from sin, the world, its desires and destruction, those who are spiritually sleeping cannot hear my voice.  We should know that, if we are not sensitive to the voice of the Lord, we cannot avoid perishing.  So we should be alert and pay attention to the voice of the Lord.  

Even though they know that they should move according to the Word of God, many of them don’t have the strength to live their lives according to the Word.  Outwardly, they appear to be awake, but the lack the power to move.  If we hear the Word and do not act on it, we are like senseless lepers.  If that describes your faith life, how pitiful you are.   

The evil devil prevents us from moving according to the Word – even if we hear it – and he makes us indifferent to the Word.  The devil also tempts us to doubt the truth of the Word of God, and makes us not want to move as the Word directs.   

The evil devil paralyzed Adam and Eve’s minds – which had previously been sensitive to the Word of God.  Likewise, we should not be deceived by the devil’s schemes, and should be completely sensitive to the Word of God.  Previously, you moved in a way that was sensitive to the Word, but now, even though you hear the Word, you do not receive much grace, and you do not act of the Word.  You must know that you have already been paralyzed.  You have been trapped in the devil’s scheme that stops you acting on the Word.  

We should be awake and alive spiritually to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit and to move by the power of the Holy Spirit.  

Pastor Seok-Jeon Yoon

Extracted from Yonsei Newspaper #484 (June 18, 2016)