[Shepherding the sheep with one heart] The Wisdom to Live the Time Preciously

  • 2017.04.30 23:09


Our flesh came from the dust of the ground, so it will return to dust in the end. But we still try to find something on the earth even though the things on it can provide no benefit to our souls. Gold, silver and bronze from the earth are of no use. The fruits from the soil are no good. The only things that can benefit our souls are the grace of God's Word from Heaven and the work of the blood of Jesus Christ.


Is there anything in the world that is worth exchanging with our life? Is there eternal joy and rest in the world? Everything in the world will be useless in the time of our soul. The prodigal son asked his father for his portion, left his father and fell into pleasure. He found it pleasurable to waste and dissolve. We should not live for the pleasure of the flesh living on the earth.


To intercede and to stop wasting this earthly life is because his future will be desperate because he wasted his life on the earth. Depending on what you are obsessed with, your life will change and the time of your soul will change. If you believe that there is a spiritual blessing given by God, you should waste your life like a prodigal son. If you wasted your life thinking of it as your own possession, it would seem to give you joy and benefit right now, but you should not overlook the fact that the results will be desperate.


Therefore, it is very important to live on the earth, to use the limited time of the flesh well, without wasting it, and to use it properly to make our life beneficial.  Even though it is the same time, we should have wisdom to use it preciously for the time of our soul.



Pastor Seok-Jeon Yoon
Extracted from Yonsei Newspaper #513 (Jan 21, 2017)