[Shepherding the sheep with one heart] Wisdom of living in the time wisely

  • 2017.09.25 07:10

Adam and Eve lived a spiritual day in the Garden of Eden. Satan, who was called the devil and the ancient serpent, was the one who tried to take away their time. (Revelation 12:9) Adam and Eve were deceived by Satan. So they disobeyed the word of God, and were driven out of the Garden of Eden as a result of their sin.


The thing of which we should be most afraid is breaking our spiritual fellowship with God. If the spiritual relationship with God is cut off, it is just as if the branch cut from the tree died, the life is already dead.


In the life of the non-believers, there is no life in their souls, so they cannot live forever in the time of their soul. Likewise, if our spiritual fellowship with God is broken, there is no spiritual life. When we are only and completely in Jesus, we have life in our souls, and will receive the promise of eternal life. The years that non-believers have lived will add pain to the time of the soul for them. But the time of those who believe in Jesus is the foundation and inheritance that can prepare wealth for the time of soul.


We live in the years God has given us. But no one knows how many years we have left. I do not know how many people mistakenly think that their time will last forever, not knowing when it will end. Our years are soon over (Psalm 90:10) Therefore, before the years that have been given to us end, we should be filled with the Holy Spirit, preparing for eternal life, and live wisely.


Looking closely at the days when we live, it becomes clear how we used the time. But if we cannot find out and grasp how we have used our years, we are ignorant people who don’t know whether we are wasting our time or not.


We can save the time given to us by the wisdom God has given us. Keep in mind that only living in the world of God's Word is the best way to make your time worthwhile.



Pastor Seok-Jeon Yoon
Extracted from the church newspaper #533 (June 24, 2017)