[Shepherding the sheep with One heart] The eternal moral laws of family relationships

  • 2017.10.16 17:39

God has made us His children by regenerating us with water and blood. The relationship between the Lord and us is of heaven's making. If we were not the children of God, there would be no reason for the Lord to look after us. And God would have nothing to look forward to from us.


Someone told me that, when people are sleeping in the service and I wake them up, I embarrass them.  But it is my love as a pastor that makes me do this, so that people can worship and their souls can be blessed through worship.  It might seem that I am depriving them of their fleshly freedom, but it is, rather, love, that makes me wake them up to listen to the word of God so that their souls enjoy God’s perfect freedom. 


When the saints gather together to worship and live according to the will and the word of God, the first obstacle is the desire of the sinful nature. After Paul met the Lord, he was kept in the Word of God for his whole life and was used in soul-saving ministry. The disciples did not spare their bodies as they witnessed to the gospel. The Lord wants us to use our flesh to preach the gospel and to live with the Gospel.


One day our flesh will return to the dust of the ground. Therefore, the indulgence and freedom of the flesh should not be misinterpreted as having any benefit. We must be free to obey God's Word in the Holy Spirit. Only the person who knows and obeys the loving word of God, and who seeks to live life rightly, can truly fear the Lord and love himself. 


Parents worry about their children’s future and ask their children to study hard.  But the children see this as interference and bondage. Even if the interference of parents appears to be interference and bondage, what they are really trying to do is to show their children how to be successful and how not to waste their lives. Children do not obey their parents' words and sometimes rebel against their parents because they don’t know the deep mind of their parents.


When God ‘interferes’ with us through His Word today, this is His love. Let us always thank God for this love.



Pastor Seok-Jeon Yoon
Extracted from the church newspaper #538 (Aug 05, 2017)