[Shepherding the sheep with One heart] Good habits for the time of soul

  • 2017.11.03 16:55

[Shepherding the sheep with One heart] Good habits for the time of soul

There are times of beginning and times of ending. When a believer in Jesus finishes his fleshly years, he enjoys eternal life as God promised. The time of soul will come which transcends the time of flesh.


There are sins, unrighteousness, war and fighting in the times when we live according to the desires of the flesh. But we should overcome all unrighteousness with the work of the blood of Jesus on the cross. We should bring the years we have been given into Jesus. Invest your life preciously for the time of your soul and build up a spiritual reward in heaven.


One day, I decided to pray until 5 am and knelt on my knees. I prayed with a clear consciousness and after a while I lost myself. When I came to, I was lying down. I realized what had happened when I woke up. I will not lose myself in that way again. If you made up your mind to pray, cry out in prayer so that you won’t give up on the way.


If you slept while praying, it means you have wasted your time. We should immediately recover the lost days. We should keep ourselves from wasting time. Time has eroded our lives, but we should receive the wisdom from the Holy Spirit to look at ourselves carefully and use our time thriftily. There are people in the church who complain that praying every evening is inconvenient. Of course, this person will not be bored when he watches his favorite television program for hours. He will not know that this is a phenomenon that arises because he is not accustomed to pray.


The Bible tells us to practice the habits of prayer and of godliness. We must fight and defeat the enemies that interfere with our faith lives until we enter the kingdom of glory at the last moment, before God. If you fail to win in your life of faith, the years will be wasted and eventually you will be losers. If you want to win an eternal victory for the time of soul, you should discipline yourself with the habits of an eternal victor.



Pastor Seok-Jeon Yoon
Extracted from the church newspaper #540 (Aug 19, 2017)