[Shepherding with One heart] Life that stores eternal happiness

  • 2017.11.29 11:47

Our life is both precious and great. God created us with his Word and made us His co-workers to accomplish His will. Our life is great because we live with God forever even though the life in the flesh is short.


If you have lived till today wasting time being away from the God, you have stored up judgement on yourself. On the contrary, if we have lived according to the will of God and made the most of every opportunity, we have stored eternal happiness. Let’s make the greatest life for the rest of our days to prepare for the time of soul.


While we live in the flesh, we must not store curses from our sins that will one day make us gnash our teeth. We must store up happiness for commendation, the crown and the glorious day by being faithful to the point of death in the Holy Spirit while living in the flesh.


If farmers don’t constantly pull up weeds, and just worry about them when there are a lot of them, the weeds themselves never disappear. Farmers pull up weeds as soon as they appear. We have to use our time valuably in our lives. Therefore, we ought to repent of what God hates and use our lives according to God’s will. We must understand what God wants us to do in this age and surely fulfill it in our lives that have been given by God.

Are you going to live your life in such a way as to fulfill the will of God? Or, are you going to turn away from God towards your sinful desires and live to please yourself?


As Jesus Christ who was in the flesh came into the world and did the work of God, so must we also work in the same way as Jesus did by being full of the Holy Spirit in the time of the flesh. We all have to try harder to gather abundant fruit for the time of soul while using the valuable time of the flesh given by God.



Pastor Seok-Jeon Yoon
Extracted from Yonsei Newspaper #549 (October 28, 2017)