[Shepherding the sheep with one heart] Like a stake firmly in the ground.

  • 2018.05.23 17:53

A stake driven into the mud flat is very weak. When you push it, it is pushed. When you pull it up, it is pulled up. However, when you have driven the stake into a hard asphalt road with all your strength, it is not pulled up even though cows and carriage and even a car pass over the stake.


Like the stake driven firmly in the ground, do not move an inch without strong power, your will of faith must be firm. Your will must not be broken even if it shaken by a powerful enemy.


But people are very weak. On one day, they decide to live according to the will of God by having a firm faith in Jesus, the next day their will is broken to pieces overnight and they give up Jesus before the week is out. What is the reason they give up Jesus before the week is out? This shows us that your will is being shaken by the lightest influence. If you choose right, you must stick to your will until you get the right result by having faith. 


So I decided to make a success of myself by using knowledge which is good for me, good ideas and good will. Until now, I’ve never wavered from the decision to shepherd the church with the grace of God and the wisdom of the Holy Spirit through prayer. There is a limit to human wisdom and knowledge but the wisdom and knowledge given by God are endless. That’s why I decided to serve the church using all these resources.  I hope that I have this strong will till I die.


There were many people who devoted their life to this country, to money and to their friends. I thought that giving up my life for saving the lost souls who are destined to go to hell for their sins is a greater thing so I resolved to give my life for it. This is because believing in Jesus is the most important thing and winning souls by evangelizing is the most valuable thing.



Pastor Seok-Jeon Yoon
Extracted from Yonsei Newspaper #573 (April 28, 2018)