Love Giving us His Only Son

  • 2013.11.21 15:38

All parents love their children, and God also loves His Son, Jesus. But God decided to let His Son die to save humans. What made it possible?  What made God let His only Son die for us?

Jesus prayed, “Yet not as I will..”. In this, Jesus did not want to drink the bitter cup and wanted it to pass by. But, He decided to obey God’s will and prayed, “but as you will.” At that time, how did God feel to hear the distressed prayer of His Son?  God might tremble at the pain of His Son.

But, still God kept His promise for us. If He withdrew the death of His Son, humans would perished. If He allowed it, humans would live. So God let His Son die. God allowed His Son to be crucified to save us.

To die, God’s will and Jesus’ obedience were required. Finally, Jesus died to save us from death, He was wounded to heal us from illness, was punished to bring us peace. Right before being crucified, He prayed, “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?” (Matthew 27:46) But the Father maintained silence.

By Jesus' obedience, God’s will was fulfilled. God stood firm on His decision although sacrificing His only son. As a result, we can belong to God. By the will of God, by the faith of Jesus and in recognition of his service of the cross, we must join in eternal life.


Pastor Yoon Seok-Jeon

Extracted from Yonsei Newspaper #360 (2013-11-02)