Repentance is the Key for Everything to Go Well with You

  • 2014.05.05 09:18


When many people are pointed out their mistakes, they talk back,

 “Are you so righteous? Have you lived uprightly?” They don’t want to

admit their mistakes. 


However those who love the Lord and their souls will react to the voice of

repentance saying, “Amen! My death is over. My curses are over. My destruction

is over. My pains are over. I have freedom.” 


If curse, disease, accident, suffering, poverty and so many problems are from sin,

we have no opportunity to get out of sin without finding the reason why. If sin is

the cause of the problem, repentance is the solution.


There was a sick person who said, “If I’m healed, I’ll believe in Jesus well.”


He wanted me to place my hands on him. However I said to him to come to

church to listen to the sermon.


He came to church for the week and listened to the sermon. He repented of

his sin and was healed though I didn’t pray for him. Likewise repentance is

the key for every thing to go well with you.


When I have hardships, sufferings and problems that I cannot overcome,

I kneel down. 


I search myself thoroughly to find what sin I committed and repent,

 “O, God! What is the wall between the Lord and me?” Then the wall between

the Lord and me was pull down and the problem was solved.


The old comers get sick and they complain that nothing is going well.

It’s because something is blocking them from God.


If they don’t find the reason they cannot receive the help from the Lord,

they will be just church goers. They will have just have the record of

how many years they have attended the church.


We should not leave the record of how many years we attended church,

but we have to live a sanctified life day after day by cleansing our sins

by repentance.



/ Pastor Seok-Jeon Yoon


Extracted from Yonsei Newspaper #381 April 12, 2014