[Shepherding the sheep with one heart] A prey of a roaring lion

  • 2018.10.14 00:15

Lions don’t roar when they are full. When their hunger reaches its peak, their roaring shakes the earth. Animals run away when they hear the roaring sound. This is because they will be torn into pieces and eaten by the hungry lions. Unusually, lions don’t eat dead animals or carrion but live animals


Likewise, the devil, like a roaring lion, never prowls near a person who is spiritually dead. The person who is spiritually alive fights a spiritual war. When the devil works we can’t beat him. But when we rely on Jesus, we can win. We must long for Jesus because we need Him to win the spiritual battle.  


People standing before the lion, which is preying on them, can’t breathe because of their eagerness to live. If you know the devil is working to kill you like the roaring lion, how urgently do you beg for your life? The desire to live is great in one who is destined to die.   That’s why those who believe in Jesus are eagerly seeking the God who will save them.


Just as the starving search for food desperately, so should we, doomed to Hell as the wages for our sins, seek Jesus eagerly to be saved.  We must be hungry and thirsty for the righteousness of Jesus. If you don’t feel spiritual hunger although you believe in Jesus, you may be sick or have something wrong. You want to do more, give more, and be given answers more as much as you long for Jesus, pray to Him, work for Him, give, worship, and sing praises to God.


You are filled with joy and spiritual riches when you always hunger and thirst to have spiritual riches. There will be a revival in the church when people who are spiritually thirsty and hungry get together and seek to be spiritually satisfied. 


Pastor Seok-Jeon Yoon
Extracted from Yonsei Newspaper #588(August 18, 2018)