[Shepherding the sheep with one heart] Practice of true love

  • 2018.12.31 11:55

God has given a special right to mankind, one that even the angels can’t access:  it is the right to save souls.  Those who believe in Jesus put their love into practice by saving souls.  They help the poor by saving souls.  They heal the sick by the power of God to save souls.  They drive out demons in the name of Jesus to save souls.  They do everything – building up knowledge, gaining honour, building the church, worshipping – for the purpose of saving souls. 


The act of Christians is to give thanks to God above, who has given us grace; and to save souls below, the souls of people who are doomed to perish. Saving souls, saving souls from the destruction of hell, is the greatest inheritance in the world because God has given this gift only to His children, not permitting it to angels or to any other creatures. Those who are being saved are the children of God who are born again by the word and the Holy Spirit while being forgiven by the blood of Jesus. God gave His children the greatest inheritance because one soul is worth more than the whole world (Matthew 16:26).


Even though there are many different kinds of love in the world, these loves are in people’s hearts, emotions and human kindness. This love is limited to the flesh. This kind of love is only for the flesh and family. We are trying to gain money, wealth and honor to love our flesh and family, but our flesh is getting old. Lots of graves house people who died looking for wealth and honour.


Human life is the greatest thing in the whole world, greater than money, wealth and honor. It would be foolish and would result in disastrous consequences if you were to keep trying to invest in things that are worth less than life and were actually unhelpful to life. The greatest thing in the world is life, so winning souls is greater than life.


Jesus died on the Cross in agony for your death and my death. Therefore, let us give up our lives like Jesus Christ, the disciples in the early church and the apostle Paul. Let us save souls that are doomed to destruction by preaching the gospel without limitations to the point of death for them.



Pastor Seok-Jeon Yoon
Extracted from Yonsei Newspaper #596호