Crying Out in Prayer

  • 2014.05.17 10:01

God promised toanswer the prayer in the only begotten Son’s honor.
As the appointment was givento all people, we have to pray persistently,
believing His promise.

Some peoplemight say “Do we have to pray?  “Godknows everything.”
Do you think that Jesus prayed so hard every day because Goddidn’t know His
prayer? Do you think that God really does not know the need of theApostles?
God is responsible for our prayer requests. Therefore, those who liveon earth,
which is full of impossibilities, have to pray sincerely so that God isresponsible
our problems.

Jesus also hadprayer requests. Then, He often climbed a quiet mountain and
prayed. If Hebelieved that it is acceptable to pray only with that mind, it would
not be necessaryfor Jesus to climb the mountain. Jesus wants us to pray with
all our hearts andminds. That’s why He often climbed the quiet mountain.

When we pray athome, it is not easy to pray crying out. Sometimes, we can
repeat the samething due to thoughts that distract us. That’s why we should
come to church andpray in order not to fall down into idle thoughts.
Satan does not like thosewho pray. Satan has to leave from those who have
answers to their prayer.

It is natural fora drowning person to scream ‘help me!’.
Then, those who are in difficultycannot pray quietly.
We must cry out and receive the answer. When we listen to othersproblems,
they easily open their heart and tell us how they feel. Those whohave impossible
problems should kneel down and pray. As they really want toreceive the answer,
they cry out and pray.

/ Pastor Seok Jeon Yoon

Extracted from Yonsei Newspaper #383(2014.04.26)