[Shepherding the sheep with one heart] God who helps those who have faith in Him and seek

  • 2019.03.19 19:41

Jacob bought Esau’s birthright for a bowl of lentil pottage.  He watched for the opportunity, knowing that Esau despised his birthright.  Jacob ran away to avoid Esau’s anger when he had received the blessing of birthright from his father, Isaac. 

Jacob came back to his home after being on the run for about 20 years.  He heard that Esau was waiting for him with 400 men, to take revenge for the theft of his birthright.  Jacob used all the means and methods in his power to find favour in Esau’s eyes.  

He divided the flocks and herds and camels into a few groups and sent them across the Jabbok River. But he couldn’t appease his brother’s anger. He realized that this would be humanly impossible. He started to pray to God to get help by the Jabbok. His hip was wrenched when he wrestled with an angel till daybreak. Nevertheless, he didn’t let him go. Then, the angel of God named him Israel. That means he had struggled with God and had overcome and had obtained consent from God. He got help from God because he never gave up before the Almighty God.

Finally, God changed Esau’s heart. He appeased Esau’s heart which held a bitter, angry grudge against Jacob. When God is with you and blesses you, even your enemies will hold you in their arms and love you, throwing their knives away. This is proof that God is working within you.

Do you have any impossible things? Please try to meet God Almighty by praying to Him. God is looking for people who are trying to go near Him like Jacob. God is not far away from you but right next to you to help. Do not neglect God. Do not ignore Him. God has nothing to do with you as long as you neglect and ignore Him. God is with you now to help when you acknowledge and believe in him. 

Pastor Seok-Jeon Yoon

Extracted from Yonsei Newspaper #604