[Shepherding the sheep with One heart] A sense that feels spiritual hunger

  • 2019.07.29 12:09

People think they are living a good life when they are satisfied with life by eating food, drinking and wearing clothes. But our souls also have to eat and drink and wear ; life is not just about filling our stomachs. In the world, people as a cultural beings prioritize eating, drinking and wearing clothes but the way to eat and drink before God is different from the way of the world. 

When we are living a life of faith, we may want to do the Lord’s work and long to live according to the will of the Lord. Spiritual people feel good when they have prayed enough and they are full of joy when they do anything in the church. Also they feel at ease and pleased when they preach the gospel.

Worldly people do not pray but they don’t feel the need to pray. And they don’t work for the Lord at church but they don’t have the inclination to work for Him. They rather feel at ease when they don’t do anything. Those who have a spiritual sense can’t help offering to God and obeying God, because they are grateful for God’s grace.

When we are spiritually sick, we stop praying. We don’t attend a service at a fixed hour or we stop working for the Lord, because we feel bad and upset since we are spiritually sick. When we are careless about our faith life, we are sick, too. We must be spiritually sensitive enough to feel hunger and thirst. If not, we could fail at living our life of faith.

Today many people do not wait with yearning for the Lord’s day and worship time. They are rather in the grip of the mind to go home early after finishing worship. So there are many churches where they have a service in the morning and have lunch. They have a service right after lunch in the afternoon instead of evening service. We must be before God and hunger and thirst must be solved by Him, just like those who have breakfast want to have lunch at lunch time, and those who had lunch want to have dinner in the evening. We must be sensitive to the life of faith by ourselves.

Pastor Seok-Jeon Yoon

Extracted from Yonsei Newspaper #627