[Shepherding the sheep with One heart]One hundred percent fullness of the Holy Spirit

  • 2019.08.09 14:35

When the disciples prayed eagerly to God for the Holy Spirit to come upon them in the upper room, the Holy Spirit came fully upon 120 people. The 120 people could speak in tongues as evidence that they were full of the Holy Spirit. People can’t speak in tongues at just any time. Only when they are full of the Holy Spirit, then the gift of speaking in tongues is given to them. Some people misunderstand the tongues, so they laugh at them saying they are crazy. They can speak in other tongues as the Holy Spirit enables them.(Acts 2:4) If you treat those who received the gift of speaking in tongues like they’re crazy, you blaspheme God. Those who speak in tongues are full of the Holy Spirit. So, their tongues are ruled by the Holy Spirit. Therefore, they are occupied by the Holy Spirit one hundred percent. That means the Holy Spirit is using them wholly as people of the Holy Spirit. Likewise, we must be conquered by the Holy Spirit one hundred percent so that the Holy Spirit can control us.


The Holy Spirit does not come fully upon just anybody. The Holy Spirit comes upon those who long for the Holy Spirit one hundred percent. The disciples were hungry for the Holy Spirit one hundred percent so the Holy Spirit occupied them wholly and ruled and used them one hundred percent.



God works for those who admit they can’t do anything with their own power, and when they rely on God 100 percent. If they think they can do even 1% by themselves, God doesn’t work for them. You must not have your own righteousness. When the sick fully acknowledge this, saying “I can’t do 100% but only the Lord can do 100 %, they can be healed. Our righteousness is only the blood of Jesus on the Cross. The disciples prayed to God



There is no righteousness in this world, even one in ten thousand. There are philanthropy, compassion, love, emotions, goodness and virtue. Even though we put them together, this isn’t even 1% righteousness from heaven. God wants us to live according to the righteousness from the heaven, not from this world. 



Pastor Seok-Jeon Yoon

Extracted from Yonsei Newspaper #628