[Shepherding the Sheep with One Heart] For the time of soul even for a day

  • 2020.07.07 21:14

If I died today, I wouldn’t feel bad, because I have done the Lord’s work to my heart’s content.  If you still ask me to find one thing I regret, I can say, “I wish I could get more rewards in the time of soul if I lived more.” How painful it would be if I lived a day and fell into curse and downfall!


We have to spend the day given to us in our life for the benefit of our souls and give thanks to God at the end of the day. If God gives me another day, we also ought to use the precious day for the benefit of our souls.


We should live for God not only when we were cured of a deadly disease but also when we are healthy and live an ordinary life. Because the Lord has given us life, so we should live for the time of soul and for the glory of the Lord. Those who have this mind will never waste it in vain.


Christians were tense when the disciples preached in the early church. Even when Eutychus fell to the ground from the third story and was dead, the sermon kept going on. Paul spoke again after he had saved Eutychus by praying. If it happened today, it would have been chaos at church. However, the people in the early church were desperate to solve their problems that they are thirsty and hungry while listening to the word of God.


Likewise, we have to listen to the word of God like the people of the early church listened to the sermon from the disciples. We must pray like the disciples who prayed in Mark’s upper room waiting for the Holy Spirit. When we live among people outside the church, we ought to do as the people of the early church who prayed when they got together and preached gospel when they scattered. When we give an offering to God, we must put all our property in front of the disciples as the people at the early church did. We must live a life of faith as people who are hungry and thirsty before the Lord. Jesus will be with these people forever.



Pastor Seok-Jeon Yoon

Extracted from Yonsei Newspaper #644