The Faith of a Bride and Love for the Lord.

  • 2014.09.05 15:36


When I was young, there was a drunkard in my neighborhood.
He often got drunk and stuck in the mud. People felt pity for him saying,
“There he goes again.” But nobody took him out of the mud.

Instead, they told his wife, “Your husband is stuck in the mud.
” When she heard this, she ran to her husband and took him out of

the mud, not caring about how dirty she got, and took him home. 


She had the power of love to take her husband out of the mud. If you love

somebody, you will have such power. Likewise, love cannot be hidden.

The Lord has made us His bride and he has become our bridegroom.  

Love levels class and surpasses all conditions. When we think about

the relationship between the Lord and us, He is our Creator and we are

merely a creation of God. We belong to a different class from the Lord.

How can we fall in love with each other? Nevertheless, Jesus was pierced

and crushed for us and has forgiven our sins by His blood.


In addition, He made us His bride because He loved us so much.

A bride and a bridegroom don’t spare anything for each other. When they

are together, they want nothing more since they love each other. If you are

His bride, you have to be content with the Lord who is our bridegroom.

At the end of age, Jesus will come to the world to take His bride who waits for

her bridegroom with ardent love.


Love needs no teaching. The one who is loved by the Lord has a heart to

love the Lord in their mind. A bride who waits for her bridegroom loves him

so much that she doesn’t spare anything for him, even risking her life.


If we don’t love the Lord, we can’t meet Him joyfully when we stand before Him.
Only when we love Him, can we as His bride meet Him who is our bridegroom.
If you want to meet the Lord with the highest delight and glory on the day you
stand before the Lord, you must be a bride who loves the Lord.

/ Pastor Seok-Jeon Yoon

Extracted from Yonsei Newspaper #397 (Aug 9, 2014)