The Person who is Loved by the Lord

  • 2013.11.27 14:58


I cannot allowmyself to believe in Jesus moderately, but some people tell me to do so. They say that people who pray and evangelize for most of their time “exceedthe bounds”.Or they say people who donate all their possessions to the Lord are 

Jesus preparedthe way to heaven and died to save humans, the creation of God. If you acknowledgeit, how can you believe in Jesus moderately? If you have met Jesus and aretruly loved by him, you would not be influenced despite of such a jeer. But thereare mere church-goers or those who are yet to experience the love of Jesus who would not understand the life of those with all of their hearts andstrength. They can do so because they have truly experienced the love ofJesus.

A man suggestedme, “Pastor Yoon, your church has grown up enough and been established, so why don’tyou enjoy your life travelling with your wife and children?” However, my hopeis to die while evangelizing and saying ‘believe in Jesus’. Inaddition, I wish that I can love the Lord as much as he loves me. But it is notpossible. Therefore, the only thing I can do is to do my best to evangelize without resting.

Almighty, omnipresent, God who created the earth sent His only Son to save us, Hiscreation. The Son, Jesus was handed over to a human court, and died beingwhipped, wounded and bled. God loves us as much as He gave His only Son.

So then, do Ilove God as much as He loves me? Attending church services is now all aboutthe life of faith. The real life of faith is to realize the portion of God’slove toward me and to serve God with all one’s heart and strength.

/Pastor Yoon

Extracted from Yonsei Newspapers #362 (2013-11-16)