Evangelism for Winning Soul

  • 2014.11.07 16:43


A doctor operated on a patient who was dying and succeeded in saving the person.
He could not sleep after that because he was filled with such joy.
The doctor was so happy that he could cure the patient of the disease.


Then how much will the evangelist who saved souls who were going to hell be happy?

The most precious thing in the world is saving the one who is dying.

There will be great rejoicing in heaven when a soul repents and returns to the Lord.


“I tell you that in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one
sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to
repent.” (Luke 15:7)


We are different from the worldly people.

We have already evangelized and have the power to evangelize.

We should be ready to run out to evangelize those who haven’t been evangelized.
When the early church members gathered, they prayed. When they scattered,
they evangelized.


In other words they prayed to evangelize and went out to evangelize with the mind
of the Lord.

If we don’t have earnest mind to evangelize, Christianity will come to a standstill.

The power of evangelism will be revealed through signs and power.
Its power is beyond description.


If we don’t have the mind to save souls with the heart and mind of Jesus,
“Though I die, you should live,” as much the world comes into us, the fleshly
desires will occur and we will return to the past when we committed sin.

However he who has mind of Jesus will overcome shame and challenge
the impossibilities.


Those who have burning heart to save those who are going to hell are Christians
who have the mind of Jesus.

Do not give up and have the mind to win dying souls. We should fix our minds
on winning souls.

/Pastor Seok-Jeon Yoon
Extracted from Yonsei Newspaper #406 (Oct 18, 2014)