God uses those who overcome spiritually

  • 2015.01.08 10:02


It is pitiful for those who have received leadership positions at church to neglect
church services. 
They are often late for services, using tiredness and other duties
as an excuse. 
Those who are not successful in worship are as a soldier who is about to go to the battle.


He would not receive the order of the commander. It means he just participates in the battle without any parties.

To become a spiritual leader in the church, officers must be victorious in the worship first. 

When Moses sent twelve spies to the land of Canaan, ten of them were already complete failures.


But Joshua and Caleb were those who won the victory with sincere faith.

Not just anyone can be easily selected by God.
God uses those who win over the world mentally and spiritually.
He also would like to use those who are above the impossible reality and physical desires.

When God chose Joshua as the leader of Israel, he sent him into the land of

Canaan and tested him whether he was qualified as the leader or not.
Therefore we should pray, “Lord, I will win over the world spiritually every day,
then, I can do the spiritual duties.” We can serve the people and church after we live the spiritual life.

Someone says faithfully “Amen”, when they listened to the sermon.
However, when it comes to real life, they might be easily defeated because of physical desires, pride, dignity and self-righteousness.

These are the enemy and obstruct of their spiritual life. We should self-respect our faithful life of 2014 thoroughly and greet a new year 2015.

/ Pastor Seok-Jeon Yoon
Extracted from Yonsei Newspaper #412 (Nov 29, 2014)