For the Best Life

  • 2015.01.28 14:50


Man’s span of life is but 70 or 80 years. Our lifespan is quite short
but can also be long. In our short life, we spend half our time to grow
and learn. We could say that the time when we grow is the period of
investment till we gain the fruit of success in life.


That is to say, we don’t have much time.  Humans are spiritual beings and are endowed
by God with the ability and right to rule over all creation. That’s why
humans are the lord of all   creation. However, humans are short-lived
compared to other creations. Compared to trees and animal that live for
hundreds of years, people live less than a hundred years.


Then, why did God empower humans to rule over the world? Everything in the world ends
when its life is over but the soul is immortal even though the body dies
because its days expire. God considers people more precious than all
creation because we as spiritual beings live forever with God. The time
of soul is eternal although the time of the body is short.


Therefore, we have to lead our lives dearly and frugally for the time of soul while
we are still alive. Moreover, if we are called by God as a co-worker to
fulfill His will, their life is very precious and great. While sending off
the 2014 and welcoming the New Year, if you happen to lead a wild life by
now being led astray from God, you should try to live the best life for
the time of soul for the days to come from now on.


You should not store up curses under sin during the time of the body but be faithful to the point
of death, being led by the Holy Spirit and you have to seize an opportunity
for the glorious day when you are promised reward and the crown of life.
For the glory of God and for the time of my soul.


 Pastor Seok-Jeon Yoon
Extracted from Yonsei Newspaper #416 (Dec 27, 2014)