Earnestly Crave the Word of God

  • 2015.02.06 20:01


We are not desperate as to whether our souls live or not, while we are
not inconvenienced by eating well nor by being dressed up. When I hear
the word of God it is truly related as a matter of life and death for
my soul, because the word of God provides my soul with life. The Bible
says, “Like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it
you may grow up in your salvation.” (1Peter 2:2)

Only those who listen to the word of God with yearning can grow up in
faith which leads to salvation. The life of faith begins by hearing the
word of God. As a tree can grow when it is supplied with nourishment from
its roots, our life of faith can grow up by being provided with the bread
of life when we hear the word of God.When you hear the word, it changes
your mind that doesn’t want to walk by faith and live according to the
will of God. Because of the word, you have hope of praying and living according to the will of God.


Moreover, you will want to be full of the Holy Spirit and preach gospel. In addition, you want to work for the Lord
and give thanks to God. The hope doesn’t come to you by itself. You have
to remember the fact that you don’t live if you are disconnected from the
word of God like “pure spiritual milk".


You should have the mind to live according to the word of God and should be full of enthusiasm saying
“Right, the word is mine. I must live according to it” whenever you hear
it. Like hunger fills the stomach with food, you have to listen to the word
as important as life, so that you may consume the spiritual milk and be satisfied with it.


My beloved saints who are waiting for the winter
conferences of 2015, you should expect grace from God and eagerly long for
the word of life that will be given to you during the conference. You must
be the one who hears the word of God each service time at the conference.

    Pastor Seok-Jeon Yoon
Extracted from Yonsei Newspaper #418 (Jan 10, 2015)