A Godly Co-worker of the Holy Spirit

  • 2015.02.17 14:57


You must repent your sins to receive the Holy Spirit. It is said that the will
of God the Father and the life of Jesus Christ the Son are amazingly done to
those who received the Holy Spirit the moment the Holy Spirit came upon the


God’s plan of salvation of mankind is fulfilled to them. Jesus urged
the teachers of the law and Pharisees to repent of their sins, saying,
"You hypocrites”, “blind guides”, “You are like whitewashed tombs”,
“You snakes”, “You brood of vipers”(Matthew 23). Nevertheless, they turned
a deaf ear to His reproach and crucified Jesus, having a grudge against Him.

However, everyone was quite helpless in the presence of the Holy Spirit.
When Apostle Peter was full of the Holy Spirit, he boldly told Jewish people,
who thought that what they had done by killing Jesus on the cross pleased God,
“You crucified Jesus but He has risen from the dead because He is innocent.

Repent, you who killed an innocent man.” They were instantly cut to the heart
and repented of their sins with tears saying, “What shall we do?” About three
thousand turned to the Lord that day. In human’s point of view, they don’t seem
to believe in Jesus but the Holy Spirit lets him easily open their hearts.

When the Holy Spirit comes upon you, you can’t avoid the sound of the Holy Spirit
who points out your sins from your heart and demands you to repent your sins.
You can’t help confessing your sins. The word, “Repent” means to unbelievers
that you should believe in Jesus and be saved, and to believers it means that you
should be a godly co-worker of the Holy Spirit.


That’s why those who are with the Holy Spirit lead a holy life.

That is the way you treat the Holy Spirit with utmost respect.

That’s why you should turn away from sinning. The climax of your
life of faith is when you are qualified and have the ability and dignity to have
the Holy Spirit within you. The Holy Spirit dwelling in us will use us without
limitation when we overcome sin and live a holy life by the blood of Jesus.


    Pastor Seok-Jeon Yoon

   Extracted from Yonsei Newspaper #421 (Jan 31, 2015)