Blessings Living According to the Word of God

  • 2015.03.19 15:16


         God trained Israel for 40 years in the wilderness so that they realized “Man does
         not live on bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of the LORD.”
         After God made Israel to learn His word through experience, He commanded Joshua,
         who was the leader after Moses, to conquer Canaan. Joshua believed in the word of
         God thinking “if God appointed me to conquer that land, then the land is mine.”

         Blessings that we possess come from our faith in God which we really put into
         action by believing. If you hear the word of God, then receive the blessing of God
         by really acting according to the word you heard. There are uncountable obstacles
         when you try to act in the word of God. You might face some impossibilities that
         you can never understand by knowledge, reason, or the logic of humans.


         Therefore, if what you rely on is not the law of God but your own thinking, then it means
         that you are still living in the “wilderness”. If you have faith that the word
         of God truly has power in it, you should obey it just like Joshua and Israel did
         when they stepped in the Jordon River.


         If you listen to the word of God without deeds, you can never get God’s blessing.

         You should go toward Canaan to conquer with your deeds. We just need to do as God told us to.

         Our almighty God promised his blessing for those who live by His word.

         That is why we should lay our minds in God. Let us each one of us have God’s blessing.


         Pastor Seok-Jeon Yoon
         Extracted from Yonsei Newspaper #423