The Way to Save my Soul

  • 2015.04.04 15:05

        Wrestling skills can turn the table by using the strength of opponent. When the opponent
        uses his power to attack, it is a good opportunity for you to take advantage of the power.
        The same can be said of boxing. When a boxer attacks, he makes a counterattack on his
        opponent while catching precisely the direction from where the opponent attacks.


        Then his opponent will be knocked down in a single blow. You don’t even know when the devil uses
        his skill to make you fail in your life of faith. You can be struck by the devil if you
        are hasty with enthusiasm. When you try to attend early morning service, the devil tries
        every trick to stop you going to church saying, “Isn’t it cold? “It has snowed a lot.”
       “Then go next time.” The devil carries out his schemes by seizing the moment you have
        a mind to do something for the Lord.


        When you work for the Lord, you could be tempted by being entrapped by the devil.

        You cannot lead a life of faith only by thoughts of doing.
        You should clearly see the enemy’s trick to destroy you. You shouldn’t be entrapped by
        the devil’s trick. The devil catches your preference and knows your ingrained habits and
        thoughts from childhood.


        You are easily led by the devil because of bad habits until death
        without realizing when you’ve been caught by the devil. The devil is the power of this
        dark world so he carries out his schemes in secret under the name of habits without us
        realizing. When you fail to lead a life of faith, you find some excuse or other for
        rationalizing your behavior, but it helps to hide the devil, the enemy who tries to kill
        your soul.


        The devil helps you endlessly to satisfy your earthly desires and attacks your
        weakness with all environments. Therefore, you have to harden yourself so that you are not
        destroyed and need to have self-control over the weakness. This is how to love your soul.


        Pastor Seok-Jeon Yoon
        Extracted from Yonsei Newspaper #425 (Mar 7, 2015)