Meet the Personality of God

  • 2015.08.29 16:55

You should live your life realizing that you are standing before God. When you don’t have a personal relationship with God, you can neither be a good pastor nor a person of great character who is used by God. Those who God uses always hold godly communion with God. It is very important. There are some pastors who don’t even know how to meet God personally in their lifetime. Such people can’t have their prayer answered no matter how hard they pray. It’s because they just demand to get an answer unilaterally without thinking about the relationship with God. We must pray, “Oh, God. Let me know your mind. Let my prayer accord with the will of God letting me know what I have to do to get an answer to the prayer from you.” What you adjust your personality to the personality of God should be the basic attitude when you pray. There is no way that humans can solve the problems of the devils, sin, curses, death and hell. Although you are really desperate, if you just pray without a decision and desperation to solve the problem, saying, "Oh, God! Please solve this problem”, it doesn’t fit into the personality of God. If you just found out that you are going to die, would you speak in a calm voice like this? “I am going to die.” If you are a person of upright personality, when you realize intellectually that you are going to die, you are full of emotion such as fear, trembling and sadness. You must ask God for help with a strong will, desperately to the end, saying,“Only God can solve my problem. You must help me.” You have to pray with true personality. You can have your prayer answered when you pray earnestly with the attitude of upright personality before God alone who can solve your problems and move His heart.


Seok-Jeon Yoon
Extracted from Yonsei Newspaper #446 (Aug 8, 2015)