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The Church which can Give Jesus

 The Church which can Give Jesus

 Many people are looking for the right church for them. Some churches speak more about morals and ethics than about Jesus, so some people do not like to attend that kind of church. Or they have turned away from church because they were disappointed because their problems, which the world could not solve, were not solved at church either.

 The church should be able to solve everything that the world cannot - sin problems and diseases, curses and mental suffering due to sin.

The church that is for the sake of the body of Christ is where people are freed from their problems and experience the living God.

Sunday ServicesEnglish, Chinese, Japanese

08:00am1st Sunday Service / Senior Pastor
(Antioch Sanctuary)
10:00am2nd Sunday Service / Senior Pastor
(Jerusalem Sanctuary)
12:30pm3rd Sunday Service / Senior Pastor
(Antioch Sanctuary)
04:00pm4th Sunday Service / Senior Pastor
(Jerusalem Sanctuary)

Regular ServicesEnglish, Chinese, Japanese

Everyday05:30amEarly Morning Service
(Antioch Sanctuary)
Wednesday03:00pmAfternoon Worship
(John Sanctuary)
07:40pm Night Worship
(Jerusalem Sanctuary)
Friday09:40pmFriday Night Service
(Jerusalem Sanctuary)

Prayer Meetings

Sunday7:30~9:00 pmJerusalem Sanctuary
Monday7:30~9:30 pmAntioch Sancturary
Tuesday7:30~9:30 pmAntioch Sancturary
Wednesday9:00~9:30 pmJerusalem Sanctuary
Thursday7:30~9:30 pmAntioch Sancturary
Friday7:30~8:30 pmJerusalem Sanctuary
Saturday7:30~9:00 pmAntioch Sancturary

Mission Team Meetings

Friday11:30pmNight prayer meeting
(Foreigner Mission center)
Sunday08:00amMorning prayer meeting
(Foreigner Mission center)
12:40pmSmall group meeting
(Foreigner Mission center)
06:40pmSmall group meeting
(Foreigner Mission center)

Services For Sunday School Students

Kindergarten (4-7 years old)Vision Education Center 4F
Joseph (8-9 years old)Worship Room 501
Jacob (10-11 years old)Worship Room 502
Issac (12-13 years old)Worship Room 602
TimothyWorship Room 603
Middle school (14-16 years old)John Sanctuary
High school (17-19 years old)Worship Room 101