Acknowledge the Authority of the King

  • 2015.08.27 18:48

Acknowledge the Authority of the King

Table of Contents


Preface 8 

Part The Gospel of the King

Jesus, our King

Jesus who came as the King 12 

Why the King came 14

The power of the King 17

The King who rules over the devil 19

The King who Possesses Eternal Riches

Sincerity towards the King 24

The King who gives the riches of heaven 26

The King who came to restore spiritual power 28

The Authority of the King

When they heard this they were disturbed 34

The authority that sets free from the bondage of death 37

The power that makes everything submit 39

The greatest authority that solves our sin problem 41

The authority of the name of Jesus 43



Part 2 Acknowledge the Authority of the King


Those who Acknowledge by Faith

Amount of faith to acknowledge the King 48

Glory from acknowledging the King 50

The true spiritual winner 53

Those who Rely on Jesus

Those who dwell in the Lord 57

The authority of those who become the children of God 59

David, who relied on the King 63

Those who Live under the King’s Influence

Accept the King’s majesty 66

Those who live under the King’s influence 68

The most feared 70

Glory or inconvenience 73

The End of Those who do not Acknowledge

David who committed adultery 76

Those who neglect the word of the King 80

Those who do not acknowledge the authority of the King 83

The Spiritual Life Acknowledging the King

Those who know the King 88

Absolute faith recognizing the King 92

Do not boast about how long you have been a believer 94

Repent immediately 97

The Power that is Revealed through Those who Acknowledge the King

A dramatic change of position 101

Diseases kneel down before the King 103

Everything is possible for him who believes 107

Do not limit God’s power 109


The authority which is stronger than death 112



Part 3 Obey the Word of the King 


The Word of the King

The word of the King, the Bible 118

The King who does not make mistakes 121

The word which never changes 123

Those who Obey the Word of the King

The way to receive miracles seems to be self-contradictory 128

You will be protected when you obey 132

Do not add to or subtract from the word of the King 136

The words of judgement on the Last Day 139

Faith Life in His Commandments

Those who listen carefully to the command of the Lord 144 

Faith with action 146

Keeping the Sabbath holy 150

Do not reduce the sermon time 153

Convey the Voice of the King

The disciples who witnessed Jesus 158

Even though there are obstacles, continue forward 162

When we preach, the Lord will take care of us 166


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