Deliver the Suffering of both the Father and the Son

  • 2014.01.12 14:01

Luke 23: 26-38

God is love. God planned to show His love to the world, and sent His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, into the world to fulfill the will of His love for us. The almighty God cannot be free from sorrow to save those who cannot avoid eternal destruction.


Our salvation has been conducted from the peak of pain of both the Father and the Son. How was the Father's heart when He heard the desperate prayer of His son at Gethsemane? How was the Son's heart to take His painful death? The pain of the cross was formed from the sorrow of the Father and Son. And if anyone saying 'I believe Jesus' has not gained the sorrow of the Father and Son, they do not understand the true meaning of salvation. The pain of the Father who let His Son take a bitter cup, the death on the cross, is His payment for our salvation. The pain of the Son who put his life on the cross was the inevitable path for both our salvation and God's will.

We must know God's love. We also must know the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and our humbleness. God overcame the pain of the Son for our salvation. Jesus wanted to fulfill the value of Love by His painful death on the cross.


Brother and Sister, the life of Jesus Christ who had conducted the salvation of humans by the Father's will and Son's practice. Faith is not the development oneself physically and mentally. Our faith is to know the pain of the cross. Jesus took our disease, curses, sin and destruction instead of us. It is the grace of God. In Christianity, we can live by Jesus' death; we can be healed by His pain. We must deliver this good news to those who are going to hell because they do not know the Christ’s pain. We must witness the Gospel and live obeying His will, as Jesus died for us and gave us eternal life.

The Church is the body of Christ, the head is Jesus Christ. The Church has the truth of life by Jesus' fulfillment of love. The Church cannot deviate from persecution, ridicule, contempt and the last martyr, but must overcome these trials. Therefore, the Church must be in a fence, called a crown of thorns. We must wear a crown of thorns in this world as the disciples and the first generation of believers. Then, we can wear a crown of glory in heaven.


 All believers must know the truth of pain and sorrow of both the Father and the Son. The Church must know the curse of the cross which Jesus took and being beaten, finally we also take our cross and follow Jesus.


Brothers and Sisters, let us know the love of Jesus Christ and share His sorrow and pain of the cross. Let us deliver the gospel and feel His pain and sorrow as the evidence for His love. The faithful believer knows eternal life by the sorrow of the Father and Son. Let us deliver the gospel, eternal life by the sorrow of the Father and the Son, as Jesus also wants to give us blessing and life.


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