Blessing to a Thousand Generations or Curse to the Third and Fourth Generations

  • 2014.01.19 14:22

Deuteronomy 5:6-10

God loves His people. He provides our physical needs through creation. For our spiritual needs, God sacrificed His one and only Son shedding His blood and piercing His body. God is the absolute provider for humans both physically and spiritually. He is the source of life (Genesis 1:27-29, John 6:53-55). God sent Moses to save His people from slavery and abuse in Egypt. Only God could save the people from Egypt, the strongest nation (Exodus 1:13-17).


The Israelites went to Egypt through Joseph in search of food. After many years, the number of Israelites increased greatly. The Egyptians worried that they may betray them in war, so they tried to kill their babies right after birth.


Their work was too heavy even resembling torture in hell. Even God could not stand the pain of the Israelites.
Israel did not know God when they lived in Egypt, so they worshiped many Egyptian gods. But no god took care of Israel. God knew His people and saved them from Pharaoh’s oppression through Moses. God made them cross the Red sea on dry ground but drowned the Egyptian soldiers in the sea. Only God was their protector and savior who was strong in war. God protected them in the desert for forty years, and they were blessed by God (Deuteronomy 8:2-4). Though the Israelites received grace from God, they worshiped idols ignoring Him. At that time, God gave them the Ten Commandments teaching “Have your gods freed you from Pharaoh? Have they given you peace? Please listen! I am the God who saved you from slavery of Egyptians” (Deuteronomy 8:6-10). God provided abundant grace to our souls and body, therefore, it is natural for us to serve God alone.

We already received work of Jesus’ blood on the Cross. We were saved from sin, curses and Hell and received eternal life by grace. If we ignore God and worship other gods, we will have to face curses to our third and fourth generations which come from God’s wrath. The devil, Satan and demons tempt people to commit sin, they curse and kill us by our sin.


The enemy of both God and humans destroys our body and soul. The devil and demons are deceivers and liars, they deceived Adam and Eve by the forbidden fruit and killed their souls. Still they deceive humans and destroy their souls by sin. They curse, torture and kill us body and soul by the power of death (Hebrews 2:14-15). By deceiving us, they try to receive worship and sacrifice though we can live only by God’s grace.


The devil even tried to be worshipped by Jesus Christ. By misusing parents, they make us worship idols, cursing us to third and fourth generations (1 Corinthians 10:18-22). Because Jesus Christ understands, sees and commanded us to drive them out by His name, the enemies fear the Jesus’ name only (Mark 16:17-18).


Jesus came to spread the gospel, drive out demons and save us (Mark 1:39). We cannot deny that we live by God’s grace body physically and spiritually. Don’t commit idol worship, the work of the devil and demons, like the Israelites in the desert. The devil only curses us by deception and makes us worship idols.


Don’t be fooled. Please serve God only and receive blessing to a thousand generations. Let’s inherit blessing from God to our children and descendants like Abraham. The brutal curse to third and fourth generations or happy blessing to a thousand generations, it depends on us.

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