Finish the Mission on the Day

  • 2014.02.02 14:36

Joshua 10:12-15


God is working. He created the night and day. He let everything He made work. Every creature, plant, animal and fish are working as the Lord made them. All creatures are working continuously. They resemble the character of the Lord who works. Humans whom the Lord created work for their flesh and also work for their souls.


Therefore when they don't work, it is sin. Leading an indolent life is sin. Proverbs says that the foolish wait for the evening." The Lord said, "As long as it is day, we must do the work of him who sent me. Night is coming, when no one can work."


The man of God, Joshua stopped the sun in the war. He wanted to finish the war so he wanted to stop the sun in the sky. We should finish what we have to do today, during the day and what we have to do in our life during our lifetime. As the farmer tries to finish what he has to do during the day so we should finish our work during the days given to us for our time of soul. It is natural for us to do work and receive an income.


In the spiritual life and physical life, if we don't get any income, the day for getting income will not come again in our life. Poverty in the world is the evidence of giving up on getting the income for the day. If you are in hell in the time of your soul, it is also the evidence of giving up on getting the holy income in your earthly life.

The one who received one talent lost the opportunity to work and the five virgins who didn't meet their bridegroom missed the holy opportunity given to them. Therefore the one who is mourning has lost the opportunity given to them today.


The farmer who missed the opportunity to scatter seeds on the field will have no harvest. Those who have lost their opportunity will have nothing for both their body and soul. Don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today. Though you can get something tomorrow, you cannot get back today, it is lost forever.


You should not avoid the thing you should do today given to you in your earthly life. You should finish the mission given to you with all your heart and mind. You should finish what you have to do on that day before the sunset. When you die and when the sun goes down everything will be ended. It is like when summer and autumn pass by and the winter comes the tree cannot bear fruits.

Don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today. We should finish our worship to the Lord on the day, our evangelism on the day, our prayer on the day, our thanksgiving to the Lord on the day. Do not avoid the mission you should do on the day.


As the tree without fruit is dead, so he who avoids his mission for the day is dead. You do your work quickly to finish it in time and if the time is short, let the sun stand still. Work diligently for the time of your soul before evening came in your earthly life. Those who don't work for their time of soul will be weeping and gnashing their teeth forever. However the one who has worked for their soul during their earthly life will share the Lord's happiness forever. We should carry out our mission before the sunset. As the diligent farmer will harvest abundantly, so the one who works diligently for their time of soul will be glorious.


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