Ask Almighty God

  • 2014.03.23 15:09


God is spirit and formless. Though He is unseen He fills heaven and earth (Jeremiah 23:24). Because God works beyond time and place, we can ask help from Him no matter of time or place (Jeremiah 23:24). God knows how vulnerable we are. We cannot continue our lives when God stops helping us, both physically and spiritually. Our body and soul shall live by God’s providence. We should pray to God for His help. That’s how God created us to make harmony with Him.

Likewise, God told us to pray for our needs in order to help us by His love. It is natural for us to pray for God’s help. God is righteous. It is impossible to make harmony between holy God and humans who have done wrong. We need to understand God’s will of making harmony between people and Himself by holiness and righteousness.


We need to repent from our sin that breaks our relationship with holy God. We can meet with God only by confessing sin and asking for forgiveness from God. We shall ask God for help after repenting from our sin. God gave us the right to pray to Him to each person in the world which is our greatest glory and greatest love of God.


Likewise, we can communicate with God only by prayer. God made a covenant with us that He will listen to our prayer. This is the best promise from God with honesty and truth (Jeremiah 29:12). God knows every important matter and worry in our hearts, but He does not help if we do not pray for help. He knows every impossible matter that we have. He never answers us when we don’t pray. He works on our matters only after we cast all our impossibilities before Him. Only through prayer does He takes responsibility for our problems.

Even Jesus offered up prayers to God with His truthfulness in heart during His days on earth (Hebrews 5:7). We can freely ask for every matter on heaven or on earth to God. God is love. He answers everyone who seeks for His help. He helped us even making His one and only Son die on the cross in order to save us from sin, sickness and curse. His love toward us is unmeasurable. Anyone who does not call upon God for their need does not know God. Anyone who does not call upon God with knowing Him is ignorant and proud. Not praying is not trusting God completely. The greatest prayer is asking His will be done on us. The active prayer is the prayer of faith that helps you to overcome every temptation. Anyone who was tempted loses his truthfulness. When we stop praying, our breath and providence from God also stop.


Jesus pleaded with His followers to pray for Him. He hoped His disciples would live by prayer and receive God’s providence just as He had lived.


Do you have sickness, problems or any impossibility? Pray to God. Let’s deal with all impossibilities by prayer.

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