The law of the Spirit of Life that Sets you Free

  • 2014.04.20 15:26

Romans 8:1-2

God is righteous eternally. He has eternal life for His righteousness. Any ideology that opposes or challenges God’s righteousness is sin. It cannot avoid God’s judgement. For God’s righteousness is life, anyone who challenges His righteousness also challenges His life. The Word, which is God, came to world in flesh. When Jesus Christ came to earth, His righteousness and life also came (John 1:14, 1:1-5). When Jesus Christ did His ministry on earth, the devil who held power of death challenged Him (Hebrews 2:14-15; Matthew 4:11). The devil caused man to die eternally. It has made man sin since the Garden of Eden. The wage of sin that started from the Garden of Eden is death. By the death, no one can avoid eternal punishment in Hell. God, the Word, became flesh and made His dwelling among us. Jesus Christ came to deal with sin, the reason of death. Death is eternal punishment.


Jesus Christ who had no sin but eternal life bore our sin Himself and died on the cross, shedding His blood in order to deal with our eternal death so that anyone who believes in this shall not perish but have eternal life (John 3:16).


Likewise, we were carried from death to life for Jesus Christ shed His blood and died. For as our sin died with Jesus Christ, He rose again as evidence that He had no sin. Likewise, Jesus Christ’s resurrection confirmed His righteousness. Jesus Christ’s death removed our sin. Therefore His death delivered us from death to life. By His resurrection, we were raised to justification (Romans 4:25).

Our trial for living eternally is useless without Jesus Christ’s death on the cross and His blood shed. Any knowledge or religion without Jesus Christ’s work of blood that cleansed sin cannot stop eternal death. By the mind of sinful nature, we become the enemy of God. There is no other way for salvation (Romans 8:6-8). No one can deal with death from sin. No one can live without meeting with Jesus’ blood that dealt with death. Jesus Christ’s blood is life and righteousness. We cannot find redemption away from Jesus Christ’s blood and His righteousness. Salvation without Jesus Christ has no resurrection. It is not those who did good deeds but those who have Jesus Christ’ blood who enter the Kingdom of God. Jesus Christ’s blood cleansed our sin closing the gates of hell. Jesus’ resurrection opened the gates to heaven.

Jesus Christ’s suffering and resurrection is the most gracious moment given from God. The moment of death and resurrection was the highest work of God. Jesus Christ’s death is the eternal foundation of Christianity. His resurrection is the best accomplishment of life and victory. Jesus’ death cleansed our sin completely. His resurrection broke the devil that held power of death.


Therefore, anyone who is unconcerned with His death and His innocent blood shed is also unconcerned with His resurrection. Anyone who is unconcerned with His death and His resurrection has misery in their soul. Let’s cleanse our sin by the blood of Jesus shed on the cross with tears and thanksgiving. Let’s joyfully participate in His resurrection and be freed from sin and death. God sent Jesus Christ to the world to give us forgiveness of our sin and resurrection. This is the law of life and the Holy Spirit. This is God’s love. This great blessing set you free from sin, death, suffering in both body and soul, and hell.


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