Bible Study for Yonsei Membership

  • 2015.06.24 13:20


Bible Study for Yonsei Membership [Basic course]




  Chapter 1  | Why Do We Need Salvation?  10


1. God Created the Heavens and the Earth and He Created Man

2. Man Falls from Grace by Committing Sin

3. Man Is Lost from Grace and Destined to Perish



  Chapter 2  | Why Do We Have To Believe In Jesus?  28


1. God So Loved the World That He Gave His One and Only Son, Jesus Christ,

   Our Savior and the Lord

2. Jesus Christ Has Risen from the Death

3. We Are Saved When We Believe in Jesus Christ and Receive Him as Our Savior

   and the Lord

4. Jesus Promised to Come Again

5. Blessings We Receive When We Believe in Jesus

6. We Have to Prepare for the Time of Our Soul



  Chapter 3  | Why Should We Believe In The Word of God?  54


1. The Bible Is the Word of God

2. The Bible Speaks of One Constant Theme, Which Is Jesus

3. Perspectives on Reading the Bible

4. The Bible Talks About the Law and the Gospel



  Chapter 4  | Why Should We Receive The Holy Spirit?  76


1. The Holy Spirit Is Still Working Without Limitation

2. The Holy Spirit Is One Person in the Trinity

3. The Holy Spirit Has a Personality

4. The Holy Spirit Came to Witness Jesus

5. The Holy Spirit Seals and Guarantees Those Who Have Been Saved

6. We Should Respect and Serve the Holy Spirit Well

7. What Should We Do to Receive the Holy Spirit?

8. We Should Have the Spirit-Filled Life



  Chapter 5  | Why Should We Live Spiritually?  110


1. We Are in Spiritual Warfare Against the Devil

2. We Should Live a Life Which Overcomes the World



  Chapter 6  | Why Should We Worship God?  134


1. Worship Is a Meeting with God

2. We Should Worship in Spirit and in Truth

3. Beautiful Praise in Worship

4. The Worship Service Is the Most Important Part of Our Lives



  Chapter 7  | Why Should We Pray?  164


1. Prayer Is the Inheritance That God Gave To Us

2. Types of Prayer

3. What Should We Pray?

4. There Is Power in Prayer

5. This Is How Jesus Prayed

6. How to Receive the Answer of Prayer

7. The Absolute Prayer Life



  Chapter 8  | Why Do We Go To Church?  192


1. The Church Is a Gathering of People Who Are Called by God

2. The Church Is Where Jesus Christ Is Preached

3. Membership of the Church Will Be Given to a Person As Soon As They Start Believing in Jesus

4. We Must Confess Our Faith Through Church Ritual and Worship

5. We Should Live as a Deliverer of the Gospel

6. We Should Live as Christians


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