A Man of The Holy Spirit

  • 2018.01.09 16:52

A Man of The Holy Spirit, who can be used by God a message from the Holy Spirit, delivered by Pastor Yoon

8 . Prologue | Expecting to be made as a man of the Holy Spirit

Chapter 1. The Filling of the Holy Spirit
12 . Saul who was newly changed 
20 . The life of the disciples who received the Holy Spirit
27 . The current status of our faith 
33 . Entrust yourself to the Holy Spirit
36 . Long for the Holy Spirit

Chapter 2. He who dwells in the Light of the Word
42 . Saul who met Jesus who came as light 
45 . The present aspect of the Word
49 . The Word which we know through experience 
53 . Faith accompanied by action
55 . Obey the Word of God

Chapter 3. The one who obeys the voice of the Lord
60 . The Voice of the Lord who looked for Saul 
65 . 120 Disciples in Mark’s upper room
70 . Those who don’t recognize the Voice of the Lord 
77 . The one who obeys the Voice of the Lord
83 . The man who lives life as a witness of Jesus

Chapter 4. The man who throws away humanism and recognizes God
90 . The man who recognizes God, the Holy Spirit 
95 . Humanism must be abandoned
101 . Will I try to win the approval of men, or of God? 
105 . The life that takes up the Cross

Chapter 5. The person who lives by the power of the Holy Spirit
114 . We need the power of the Holy Spirit to live by faith 
119 . He who relies on Jesus Christ alone
123 . Never give up faith in the Holy Spirit 

Chapter 6. The person who does the ministry of the Holy Spirit
142 . Man was created for the Glory of God 
148 . Don’t reject the request of Jesus
152 . Preach with love, like the Holy Spirit 
156 . The mission never ends