[Brazil Conference Update] Trusting that the Holy Spirit will Overflow in Brazil

  • 2013.11.29 15:33

Pastor Yoon was invited to hold a conference in Brazil

80,000 people are expected to attend each of the conferences in Curitiba and Marilia

The Brazil Conference, which will be held over two weeks, is approaching. Pastor Yoon and the Mission Team will lead it at two locations for a week each from 25 November to 7 December.

In this conference 80,000 people will attend and hear about the gospel of Jesus Christ. We look forward to how God will work for them.

Last December, there was a huge spiritual awakening among the pastors in Brazil after they heard of the gospel of repentance from Pastor Yoon at the Pastors Seminar and Laypersons Seminar held in Santa Lang. They abandoned the religious belief of asking for fortune and started to live by the word of the Bible. After that, there were many requests for him to visit and preach, so conferences will be held in two regions this year.

Route of the Mission Team

The Mission Team will depart for Curitiba, the first place of the conference, on 25 November, and will arrive the next day. The city is located in the south of Brazil and it has the largest population of 3.7 million. Its economic scale is large. A Christian Conference will be held at Shalom Church, for two days, three times a day, from the 27th.  A seminar for pastors and a conference for laypeople will be held on the 29th and 30th, respectively. As the one will be held at an open playground in front of the Salome Church in the afternoon, 15,000 are expected to be gathered and listen to the gospel from Pastor Yoon. 

The Shalom Church in Curitiba

Shalom church (Pastor Ojillung) in Curitiba, the first place of the conference, is a large church that can accommodate more than 10,000 people. Christians and pastors in the city are gathering every Friday for fasting and prayer all night for the conference. Also, they have a prayer meeting every morning to pray for the great work of God in the city.

After the Sunday service at Shalom Church on 1st December, the Mission Team will move to Marilia, for the second crusade, by airplane. It is a long journey of four hours. The city is located in the west of San Paulo.

And a conference will be held at the Marilia First Church (Pastor Domingus) in the evening on 2nd. As the conference is held without taking a rest, we must pray for the strength of Pastor Yoon for the success of the conference.

Marilia First Church

For two days from the 3rd, a conference will be open for pastors and laypeople at the Marilia Gym in the evening. It can accommodate more than 15,000 people. It is expected that there will be huge spiritual awakenings. Christians in Marilia have a united prayer meeting of pastors once a week and are praying for the success of the conference.

The Roman Catholic Church put roots down in Brazil and 75% of Brazilians are Roman Catholic. The population of Christians is only 15%. But Christianity in Brazil has been mixed with indigenous religions. So there are only a few who believe in the truth of the pure gospel and live by the word of God.

Through the conference of Pastor Yoon, we expect that the work of the Holy Spirit will overflow everywhere in Brazil, that people will come to live by the word of the Bible and that a number of evangelists like the apostle, Paul, will come forth.


Reportor: Jae-Hyeong Jung

Extracted from #363 Yonsei Newspaper (2013-11-23)

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