[Interview] “I Expect a Holy Wave of Prayers in Brazil.”

  • 2013.12.20 17:01

Missionary Jong-Keun Yoon (Brazil)
Pastors who attended the seminar at Hindolsan Retreat Center experienced great  changes.

After realizing why they needed to pray, the holy wave of prayers has been raised.

Christians in Brazil hope to hold the Invitation Conference of Pastor Yoon in all of Brazil's 27 states .

Christians praying at the conference in the Gymnasium.

During the conference in Brazil, two sisters, Hannah and Young-Ji Yoon, interpreted the Pastor Yoon's preaching. This is a message from their father, Jong-Keun Yoon who has been a missionary in Brazil for many years.



.We can feel the passion toward the grace of God from the pastors in Brazil. Please tell us about the conference.

In fact, nine churches from different regions in Brazil applied to hold the conference. But only Curitiba and Marilia were selected.

2014 is the centenary year for Curitiba First Baptist Church. According to the members of the church, it was the first time to experience such long preaching and to sit for long time. They said that it was first time since the church established a hundred 100 years ago. They also thoroughly learned that they must live by the word of God and prayer.

The pastor of Bakasheri Church is the chairman of the General of Brazil Baptist Churches. He loved holding the conference at his church and preparing for it. All the church members received the great grace of God. Three pastors from the church participated in the seminar at Hindolsan Retreat Center last year.  I was absolutely surprised that they still pray as they were taught by Pastor Yoon at the center.

Pastor Ojilung of Shalom Church was in charge of the entire process of the conference. He said that the preparation was perfect but was so thankful to God for everything. All pastors and lay-people received great grace.


 About 110 pastors have visited Hindolsan Retreat Center. How are they doing in their pastoring in Brazil?

In fact, for Brazilians, kneeling down is not easy. But I saw them kneeling by themselves at Hindolsan Retreat Center last summer.  On the way back to Brazil from the conference in Korea, we talked with each other that we would like to share this grace with pastors and church members in Brazil.”

The pastors who visited Korea are all very devoted to God and are ministering large-sized churches. But they still learned and realized many things from Yonsei Central Baptist Church.




 Each church in Brazil came together in prayer.

A pastor who is charge of a youth service said that the youth did not pray before services but since visiting Korea, they pray before and after services . Also, they did forty days of fasting twice this year, which was very surprising. Like this, the pastors who visited Korea now understand the meaning of prayer and how God works through prayer. I am so thankful for it.



 Your daughters interpreted the conference. How did you raise your children so well?

I thank God for using my children for the conference. Since they were young, I taught them to study Korean (mother tongue), by writing a diary and reading the Bible in Korean. The most important thing is not to lie each other and to share the things we did for the day at a family service. Being honest each other makes the harmony of my family.


My daughters want to be missionaries. I thank God that all my family members are used for mission. Although my daughters each have two little children, I thank God that they still actively worked for the conference.  



 As a missionary in Brazil, what kinds of changes are you expecting after this conference?

I hope that many Brazilian Christians would resemble the way of Korean prayer, especially of the Yonsei Central Baptist Church. I hope the culture of Brazil change from secularized society and mass psychology into the spiritual culture that God wants. There are 27 states in Brazil. We hope the work of God will spread all over Brazil through Pastor Yoon. I expect that there will be a great revival in Brazil through this conference just like the  1970's revival in Korea.

[Testimonies of Pastors in Brazil]

 Thank for the spiritual revival in the Baptist Church

Pastor Homeldoo (Chairman of the Brazilian Baptist Church)

I was impressed by Pastor Yoon’s preaching was about the story regarding Korea and the churches in Korea. And I felt great hope that God will also work in the same way in Brazil.

As a chairman of the Brazilian Baptist Church, I am so glad that Pastor Yoon is also the senior pastor of a Baptist church.



 I decided to devote my life to God

Pastor Mailen (Phongtagresa region)
I attended Pastor Yoon’s conference in Santarem last year. And I was so challenged from his preaching.

This time, I have been also recharged spiritually and have decided to pray like Pastor Yoon and to live for God.


 I had a deep impression from Hindolsan Retreat Center

Pastor Jowell (Assistant-Pastor, Shalom Church)

I visited Yonsei Central Baptist Church and attended the pastors conference at Hindolsan Retreat Center in August, 2013.  The most impressive part for me was how they prayed, not only pastors but also lay church members. It was first time for me to see it and I realized many things.

They were so passionate not only when they pray but also they sang praises. I felt that God was with the church members and Pastor Yoon. And it became my role-model. Now I am back in Brazil and trying to live like them.

From this conference, I learnt how to have an intimate relationship with God. Pastor Yoon said to spend more time in prayer and to seek for God more and more. I felt the love of God in my heart. So I have been seeking for God and was encouraged to pray during the conference. It was a very fruitful and pleasant time.



 I thank God for the precious preaching

Pastor Paulo (Curitiba region)

It was a first time for me to hear the preaching of Pastor Yoon.

I was touched by the words that we must not be seized by Satan and I must fully devote myself to God as a pastor. I hope that I will live in that way.

I thank God for letting me have the chance to hear this precious preaching.


 I will love my sheep more and more

Aniel Junior (Assistant-Pastor, Shalom Church)

I was deeply touched by the words that Jesus loved his sheep so much.

So, I decided to love my sheep and serve them. I really appreciate this precious time.

 I hope that this awakening will spread all over the world.

Susana Leader (Camiyu Baptist Church)

I participated in the pastors conference with my whole family for three days and I realized that Brazilian churches must be awakened. It must begin from myself and spread not only all over Brazil and South America but also to all of America and the world.
Resembling the live of Pastor Yoon, I would like to hold on to the word of God and devote my life to God. Now, Pastor Yoon is my role-model. As Pastor Yoon has devoted his life to God, I will also do my best to spread the word of God through my life.

Especially, I will focus on praying. I heard that Korean churches pray a lot, but we spend only a little time to pray. From now on, I will spend more time to pray and reading the Bible. I thank God for giving me this holy motivation.



 I will work hard on praying and reading the bible.

 Daien Leader (Curitiba region)

The most surprising thing is that Brazilian pastors have spent so little time to pray.

From now on, I will work hard to pray and read the Bible. I will spend more time to know God.

I realized the importance of prayer.




Pastor Marko Aoretyo (Camiyu Baptist Church)

The most impressive words for me was how prayer drags down the response of God in addition to the importance of prayer itself.

Until now, I did not know the power of prayer.  I am so glad to know the power to receive the response of God by praying.

I thank God for letting me meet Pastor Yoon. I will spend more time to pray.



 It was time for me to be challenged.

 Danilo Leader (New Promise Baptist Church)

We spend a lot of time to study and sleep but not to pray. Besides, I always pray to God for my requests.

I deeply repented at this conference. I thought that, when we pray more and more, God will respond our prayers and not only Brazil but all nations will be evangelized.


 Resemble Yonsei Central Baptist Church

 Pastor Paviano (Marilia Presbyterian Church)

I have visited Yonsei Central Baptist Church and Hindolsan Retreat Center twice, last year and this year. I was amazed by how much time Pastor Yoon spends to pray and the way he pastors the church by the Bible.

When I came back to Marilia, I told my church members about Yonsei Central Baptist Church and that they pray for two hours every evening and how they live their lives in faith. Now our church members are also praying for two hours every evening. 

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