[The conference in Brazil] The Work of the Holy Spirit happened all the same on the other side of the earth.

  • 2014.01.30 11:20

The grace of God was amazing in spite of painful trip.

Conference spotlighted in local newspaper and TV network

highly interested.

Building 1,000 churches in the world is our mission



Shalom Church in Curitiba ,Brazil.


   The church members are praying to God after sharing the grace of God at the conference led by Pastor Yoon Seok- Jeon.

For last two areas, two conferences were held. This is its second time after the one in Santarem last year. 





The conference hit the headlines in local newspaper




 The God fulfilled the mission work in many countries of the world. He also 
planned for the global-mission in Brazil and used Yonsei Central Baptist 
Church for the second straight year.



  Last year, Pastor Yoon Seok-Jeon preached at the conference held in Santarem
 the Amazon in the North of Brazil. This year, the conference was held in
Curitiba and Marilia for two weeks from Nov. 27 to Dec. 4.



  On Nov. 25(Mon), Pastor Yoon Seok-Jeon and his crew left Incheon Airport
and arrived in Brazil on the other side of the world after 30 hour flight.



To get to a coastal town in the south, we took a light plane from Sal Paulo. 
Every time the plane
 shook, we broke into a cold sweat, with our hands
grabbing a handle. Surely, if it was not the plan of the Holy Spirit, we couldn’t
even think about making a long journey to Brazil far off.



It was remarkable that the Holy Spirit performed in Brazil for two weeks. 

When we arrived in Brazil, we found the climate of Brazil very hot because of
the tropical climate. Not only is the weather hot, but also are shouts of 
expectation for the conference hot. Lots of pastors and church members
were looking forward to the conference held in Curitiba and Marilia.



 About 100 pastors among them attended the seminar for pastors at Hindolsan 
Retreat Center in Korea and received the grace of God in 2012 and 2013. 
They were encouraged by the word of God.
  They have been taking the spiritual
care of a congregation of the church with mighty power of God.



“At Yonsei Central Baptist Church, I saw pastors and church members praying
to God in a loud voice. So I was challenged and started to shout in prayer”
said Pastor Joel( Shalom church).



   They were totally changed in their ministry and have had great success. 
So the other pastors
 were longing for the conference led by Pastor Yoon
Seok-Jeon. The pastors who already shared the grace of God at Hindolsan 
Retreat Center also attended at the conference in Curitiba and Marilia by
driving a car thousands of kilometers for days.



     The next day in Curitiba, Pastor Yoon Seok-Jeon led the conference in Shalom 
Church and First Baptist Church for the pastors in the morning and for the church members at night. Pastor Seok-Jeon Yoon delivered the word of God 
nine times in Curitiba. It was
 a tough schedule. Nevertheless, he didn’t show 
how tired he was. He just let out the passion of salvation by the power of God. 
He proclaimed the word of God like a blazing fire at the risk of his life. He never 
took care of his body at all. That’s why God poured out the grace as sweet as 
honey upon the Brazil.




Church members in Curitiba yearning for the word of God

The Holy Spirit told strictly the pastors gathered in Shalom Church Curitiba.

 “Pray and do the work of God by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

 “Deliver the sermon only by the power of blood of Jesus and save souls living 
in this area and Brazil. Furthermore, bring the salvation to people all over the 
South America."

“Repent the sin, you who didn’t take care of a congregation of the church by
the power of Jesus."

The Holy Spirit rebuked harshly the Brazilian Pastors. Also at the conference 
for the church members, the Holy Spirit did marvelous work through Pastor 
Seok-Jeon Yoon.

“Now that your sins are forgiven when you prayed for forgiveness before
God and was born again in the Lord, you should have hope for the heaven
and live your life with the Holy Spirit who lives in you.” said Pastor  Seok-Jeon Yoon.



All church members kept saying “Amen” listening to the Word. In Korea,
we listened to the Word during every service. But, we didn’t even think that
the Word was so precious.



In Brazil, things were different, the moment the Word of life came upon 
the pastor and church members, their life of faith in the Holy Spirit was 
greatly changed.



In the evening, Pastors and church members shared the Word of Life 
together in Curitiba first Baptist Church which was 100 years since it was 
built there. They said that the sermon never lasted more than 40 minutes
in that church for the last 100 years. Pastor Yoon Seok-Jeon spoke for two
hours by the Holy Spirit.



They were so excited about what happened for the first time in the history
of that church. For all that, nobody moved until the conference finished.
We could tell at a glance how much they yearned for the Word of Life.



A lot of people crowed in the main chapel so there was no room for the others.
Some people tried to listen peeping in out of window in the isle. We were moved
to tears when we saw their eyes focusing on the sermon. We prayed in mind 
saying “Oh Lord, let the Words delivered through Pastor Yoon fall on good soil
of their souls and bear good fruits.”



At second and third night, conference for church members was held in each 
churches of Vacaserie and Shalom. Lots of people packed the room for the 
  Especially, the pastors who used to attend at Hindolsan Retreat 
Center concentrated on the word spoken through Pastor Yoon Seok-Jeon.



Pastor Yoon Seok-Jeon pointed out their sins against God and testified the 
power of blood of Jesus. He also said about the heaven and the hell which
was not the common topic in Brazil.



 About the time when the speech finished, the church members started to
give testimony what God performed in their life because God the father in
heaven healed their diseases and gave a gift. Many people confessed their
experiences with tears standing in a row. The people suffered from diseases
for a long time testified with joy about that they were free from evil spirits
and diseases.



Here are the stories: “I was lying down with the pain in my leg for 20 months. 
But I’m okay now. God healed my leg while I was praying today.

 “The doctor said I got AIDS but I proclaimed that I’m healed from the disease.”

“I suffered from fears and the symptom of difficulty in breathing. Now I am 
totally recovered at this conference so I’m peaceful so much."

“We thought about that our Lord also was happy for that His people are free 
from pains."

The sermon in the Shalom church in the morning was the last mission of 
Pastor Seok- Jeon Yoon in Curitiba.



After all that, Pastor Yoon Suk-Jeon and mission team got into an airplane
heading for Marilia. Although we had to skip the lunch because of a crammed 
schedule, no body complained at all since all of us was filled with grace of God.



The flight took about an hour to San Paulo and had ride on the plane to Marilia
after waiting for three hours.



Marilia in a great excitement

The conference led by Pastor Yoon Seok-Jeon at first Baptist church 
in Marilia



After one and a half hours flight, we reached the end of our journey, Marilia.

The conference led by Pastor Yoon Seok-Jeon was already known and was 
the biggest issue in Marili
a, because a local church alliance in Marilia made 
an arrangement for the conference by praying for three months.
They publicized the conference through local newspapers, TV network 
and radio while distributing posters and leaflets.



 In Marilia, Christianity makes up about 12%, Catholics is up to 65% and 
the other religions are 23%. While the Christians were extremely excited 
in the conference, the other religious groups became awfully tense.



Pastor Yoon Seok-Jeon prayed for restoration of worship and praise toward 
God in heaven. For the first time of conference in Marilia, Pastor Yoon Seok-Jeon
indicated their sins as follow: “Your worship with enthusiasm seems toward God
in Heaven. However, you are just fascinated by the rhythm of music, atmosphere
and crowd mind. If the worship and praise are not focused on Jesus, the music 
and dance are just Shamanic and post-modern. That’s very dangerous. 
Don’t be deceived by the devil”



“Repent” The word was spoken and Brazilian Christians were shocked as if 
a cold blanket was thrown over them."



Pastor Yoon Seok-Jeon asked them, “Have you ever been more enthusiastic 
about Jesus who shed blood for you to be saved than you love soccer and you 
were enthusiastic when your soccer team won the match against a rival?”



You are just in the habit of dancing where there is Samba. Have you ever 
danced in truth before Jesus?” “Repent” “Repent” 

The Brazilian Christians began to repent with tears of the sins which were 
wrong doing and false life of faith as a Christian.



 As soon as the word about sin and repentance was told in their ears, 
the true worship was restored. The worship God wanted happened in Brazil.



 Pastor Aducer (New time church) said, “Brazilian Pastors used to tell indirectly
about a part of sin which must be repented.
  Today I have come to a most 
important turning point in my ministry when I saw Pastor Seok-Jeon Yoon 
speaking frankly about sin.”



Next morning, an unscheduled seminar was opened. The seminar was not
consulted with Pastor Yoon Suk-Jeon or mission team. But Pastor Domingus 
begged of Pastor Seok- Jeon Yoon to speak in the seminar. 
Pastor Yoon Seok- Jeon was delighted to consent.



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