[Bethlehem, Israel Conference] Preaching the Gospel of Jesus to Thousands of Arabs - Part 2

  • 2013.11.28 15:55

[Summary of Pastor Yoon’s Preaching]

I came here to deliver the Gospel because you will go to hell if you do not believe in Jesus

  Know the real God 

 God tells himself in detail in the Bible. God created the earth therefore the earth belongs to God. We, humans, also are created by God and belong to Him.

God formed the man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life. Therefore a human is a spiritual existence. That is why our bodies return to the dust and our spirits return to God when we die.

God made the first man Adam and let him rule the Garden of Eden, eating everything but the fruit from the tree of good and evil. God told him, “when you eat of it you will surely die.” But Adam disobeyed God and ate the fruit. Because the devil deceived him saying that he would be like God when he eats of it.

Adam’s wife, Eve, believed the cunning temptation of the devil and her husband Adam also believed Eve. And they surely died from eating of the tree. As they were expelled from the Garden of Eden, we, his descendants, are also under the eternal suffering.

Likewise, humans are born with the original sin and cannot avoid going to hell because of the sin that our ancestor, Adam committed. It is said that one day in hell is like a thousand years. How horrible hell would be? Whoever has sin will suffer forever in hell.

The devil makes us sin. But stop sinning if you do not want to go to hell. If you do not know about the spiritual world, you cannot understand what the sin, death and hell are. In general, people think they can simply live with money and authority. But they also get older and die. Nobody can be free from these matters. The scariest thing is going to hell.



■  Only Jesus can save us from sins

We, the descendants of Adam, are to be punished in hell due to our sins. Sinners must go to hell. Let’s be saved from hell and live in heaven forever. I came here all the way from Korea to tell you that sinners are destined to go to hell and will suffer forever by the devil in hell. Also, I am here to tell you the way to be saved and to heaven. If you see someone drowning in the water, you would save him. This is a human nature. I am here to deliver the earnest heart of God that He wants to save people who must go to hell.

Therefore, we must believe in Jesus, be free from sins and be members of heaven before we die. I hope you would understand my earnest heart delivering the love of God. It is human nature to want to help people who are starving when you see them, so, I am appealing to you with love to go to heaven because none of us should go to hell. The only way to be saved from hell is to be redeemed by the blood of Jesus and to believe in Jesus.

Our sins cannot be cleansed by ethics, morality or doctrines. Sinners must be punished forever in hell. For this reason, God gave His only Son, Jesus Christ, to save us. Jesus carried all of our sins himself and paid them off. He has set us free. How moving that the Son of God came down to the earth on purpose to save us who are so humble.

God does not want you to go to hell without knowing Jesus. Be free from sins by believing in Jesus and let’s go to heaven together to live there happily forever. I tell you one more time that only Jesus is our Savior from sin.

Jesus died on the cross to save us. Someone with debt is free when they pay off the debt. When we believe this, we become free from sin. How foolish if someone still thinks of themselves as a sinner without knowing that Jesus has paid off their debt.

Jesus came on the earth, raised up the death, drove out demons, paid off our sins and healed the illness. Like this, Jesus has a power to solve our problems and clear off our sins. Therefore, let’s believe in Jesus and be free from problems.



■  All problems can be solved out when you pray

conference was held in Haiti in last May. Many people gathered. The conference was broadcasted live by the national TV station of Haiti. Many of who came to the conference or watched it on TV were healed from their illness. Most of them had a disease that was incurable by medical treatment. Voodoo, that Haitians believe in, could not cure them but God did when they prayed. After the conference, it was reported that 46% of Haiti people became Christians. Haiti was very poor, hopeless, and the people hardly knew about Jesus, but now, I am sure that the country has become full of dreams and hopes with Jesus.

God wants to save you from problems right now. The Son of God is alive and working for you here. Once the work of evil spirits leaves you, your problems will be solved. We can use the name of Jesus to heal sickness by the grace of God. You will experience miracles and be cured from illness and pains when you believe that Jesus died for you and cures the sick.

If you believe all of this, you will live in heaven forever although you die today. How pitiful if you still go to hell in spite of you heard the gospel right in here today? Let’s believe in Jesus, be redeemed and live in heaven forever.

It is the sin not to know Jesus, our Savior. Once the sin is cleansed, all pains will be gone because of the blood of Jesus, but it is no use for you if you do not believe it even though you have heard. Believe in Jesus and sincerely repent, saying “I am a sinner.” Repent with faith. And then, be free from sins and sickness and live in heaven eternally. 

Arabs in Bethlehem praying after the preaching

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