[Photo QT] Creature

  • 2016.09.20 15:29

Throughout our lives, we all see that things are do not work out as we had hoped.  Through the news, we hear of an increasing number of disasters across the globe, as Jesus described would happen (Matthew 24).  When we watch the national and international news, we can see that there is no hope in the world.  
Even birds obey the laws of Nature that God put in place, flying overseas at the proper time.  Yet we humans flout God’s laws and make ourselves sinners.  When we are moved by the Holy Spirit and start to obey God, we can start to worship Him in our families.  I believe that whole families have freedom in Jesus.  We need to fight sin until the end, in order that our families fulfil the hope that God has in us. 


Written by Ye-Jee, Oh, Photograph by Young-bin, Kim
Extracted from the church newspaper #484 (Jun 18, 2016)