[Photograph QT] The Well in the Desert

  • 2017.05.14 19:07


I read "The Little Prince" again to draw a piece of art that a friend wanted.  "The desert is beautiful, the desert is beautiful because the well is hidden somewhere. I cannot find it with my eyes, I have to find it with my heart. "
I knew that the realities of our lives are deserts after I had met with the Lord. I also knew the fact that there was a well in the desert when I had met with the Lord. This reminds me of my friends who are still wandering in the desert looking for a well. I pray that all of them will be born again through the word of God and be renewed like a child today. And I desperately wish to eat and drink from only one well in the desert.




Photography/ Written by Myeong-sun, Jung
Extracted from the church newspaper #514 (February 04, 2017)