For Eternal Life

  • 2013.10.16 20:55


Who has theright to eat the flesh and drink the blood of Jesus?

“I am a sinner.I must die for the payment of my sin. But I have gained eternal life throughyour blood shed on the cross.”

Whoever confessesin this way has the right. The Lord gave us His life, flesh and blood forfree.  Saying Amen means you accept thelife without hesitating.

People areafraid of death, they try their best not to die, but no one can avoid dyingeven though they have power and wealth. If I, a sinner, want to gain eternallife, someone must pay for my sin instead of me.
For this reason, the Lord died for us. For us, Jesus Christ prepared heaven where there is no illness, pain or sorrow. Jesus wants us to livethere with him forever.

There is no one who could die for me in the world. But, Jesus feltpity on us and died for us although He had no reason to do so. And He said, “Rememberme” (Luke 22:19) at the last supper. If we believe in him, He said that hewould give us eternal life.

Christiansbelieve in Jesus looking forward to meeting Him in heaven. There is noway to live forever in the world. Only Jesus-Believers will possess eternallife.

Pastor Seok-Jeon Yoon

Extracted from Yonsei Newspaper #359 (2013-10-26)